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Rally for the Rohingya Muslims, June 28, 2015


About 50 people turned out in unsettled weather in Palmerston North's Square to hear calls for action by New Zealand to halt the persecution of Myanmar's (Burma's) Muslim minority.

How did the press handle the
event in the central Square?

In Palmerston North, New Zealand, the local
newspaper is the Manawatu Standard. As a
paper in the "Fairfax stable", and thus little
more than a mouthpiece for corporate power,
it naturally found an official Burmese visit
(see below), with all its vacuous formality,
more "newsworthy" than a mere protest
against genocide in Myanmar. But I sup-
pose we protesters should be thankful for
small mercies. At least the paper didn't
describe us as "ragtag" — its favorite ap-
pellation for those who take to the streets
with their anti-corporate/fascist views.

Note the mealy-mouthed phraseology —
"...against what they are calling brutal kil-
lings." — which suggests that the well-
documented atrocities are, perhaps, no
more than unsubstantiated allegations.

Haere mai and mayoral chain... What more could you ask for? And was the visiting delegation grilled about whether Myanmar "democracy" will embrace the Rohingya people? Hang on a minute, mate! The role of the corporate media isn't to raise awkward questions.

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    Prime Minister John Key proves he's on the 'right side'

    From the Manawatu Standard of February 7, 2015. I see Key as little more than Washington's viceroy — another armchair warrior proud of his "guts".

    Cartoonist Tom Scott gets it right at last

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