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A Ramadhan rant about radicals

"How can we prevent the radicalization of Muslims?" our perplexed politicians ask.

Before we answer the question, we should ponder the meaning of "radicalization" to those who deplore the putative process. Does it mean "inculcating a commitment to the tenets of Islam"?

Clearly, it could mean that. But in many contexts, a more accurate definition would be "encouraging criticism of Western civilization", which is, as we are repeatedly reminded, "the greatest civilization the world has ever known".

Since this proposition is unassailable, the policies pursued by the West, including its various "human-
itarian" interventions in the Middle East, can't be responsible for any Muslim disenchantment with the West's superlative "values".

No, not even the periodic Israeli attempts to "educate" Hamas, as Thomas Friedman so delicately puts it, or to teach the Palestinians "a lesson they will never forget" can have anything to do with alleged Muslim antipathy.

So if a Muslim expresses a less-than-rapturous opinion of the West, he must have been brainwashed by an "extremist" imam — someone who wound him up, pointed him in a certain direction, and sent him on his way. Or perhaps he has picked up an inflammatory pamphlet, or read some of the more controversial ayat in the Qur'an. You know the ones: the ones that say some severe things about some disbelievers.

In the latter case — that is, when the Muslim is motivated by reading matter — he is often described as "self-radicalized". Of course, this reading matter does not include news reports of Muslims suffering at the hands of those selfless souls bringing "freedom", "democracy" and "women's rights" to the benighted masses of the Middle East.

Like the second keffiyeh'd character in the Tom Scott cartoon below, the "radicalized" Muslim welcomes the deaths of his co-religionists, which provide valuable leverage to his cause. He is utterly unmoved by pictures of battered and bloodied children, like the one above from @GazaYBO.

"Hamas wants the Israeli Defense Force to kill their children, their women..." says Colonel Richard Kemp, a gentleman who acquired impeccable credentials by "command[ing] British ground troops in Afghanistan" (CBN News, July 23, 2014).

Don't be deceived by all that simulated weeping and wailing. It sounds pretty impressive; but at the end of the day, it doesn't mean a thing. It's pure theater. As General William Westmoreland said in 1974, during the making of the Hearts and Minds documentary on the Vietnam War: "The Oriental doesn't put the same high price on life as does a Westerner. Life is plentiful. Life is cheap in the Orient."

It follows, therefore, that no jihad is waged for justice — to relieve suffering or to end oppression— or for any noble objective. As any beetle-browed member of the British National Front will tell you, it is waged to institute the hudud punishments of shariah and to secure, via martyrdom, a first-class ticket to paradise and its 72 only slightly shop-soiled virgins.

Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed my little rant about Muslim "radicals" and "extremists" — the greatest threat to "civilization as we know it". That's all I've got time for today. As a "moderate Muslim" seeking a grant from the Ford Foundation (nudge, nudge), I'm off to celebrate iftar at the American Embassy in Wellington.
— Adil Ireland, 27 Ramadhan 1435

Wanganui Masjid, July 11, 2014

The cartoon above, by Tom Scott, ap-
peared in The Dominion Post on July 23, 2014. The cartoon below, by Malcolm Evans, appeared in the Manawatu Standard on July 19. Scott is New Zealand's most famous cartoonist, but is, unfortunately, little more than a propagandist for the West's ruling elite, especially when he turns his attention to Middle Eastern matters. Evans, in con-
trast, does understand that there is a fundamental difference between the occupier and the occupied, the oppres-
sor and the oppressed. The "Quote of the day" is also from The Dominion Post of July 23. Click for earlier cartoons.

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