Islam New Zealand

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Masjids in the lower North Island

Hamilton Masjid

Photo taken in 2013.

Taihape Masjid

Photo taken in 2015.

Whanganui Masjid

Photo taken in 2014.

Hastings Masjid

Photo taken in 2015.

Palmerston Masjid

Photo taken in 2014.

Wellington Masjid

Photo taken in 2014.


Islam New Zealand is a comprehensive chronology of the Muslim community in
New Zealand. It is run by Adil Ireland,
a retired journalist in Palmerton North.
Address: PO Box 2052, Palmerston North
4440. Email: adilbookz [at]

Want to join the Kufr Club? Well, here are the main rules: 1. Declare war on a group of terrorists in the Middle East while secretly arming them. 2. Stage bombings at home, blame them on the terrorists, and use them
to stampede the frightened population into
the protective arms of the surveillance state.
3. Convince people that the exchange of free-
dom for security is a good trade. Kufr Club


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